Killer Guides’ ESO Templar Guide. My Fav Guide So Far

Posted by Sun Master on Thursday Mar 27, 2014 Under Guide

Killer Guides has released a new leveling guide for the Elder Scrolls Online Templar. Every gamer  just like myself, is anxious to get their hands on insider strategies in this class because of its complexity. This is the first Elder Scrolls game that can be played competitively with other real players online. The prize for this fierce completion is nothing less than becoming Emperor of Tamriel. With a literal throne on the line, a collection of insider tips and tricks to optimize level, actual character strength, skills and gear benefits is worth its weight in gold. This is exactly what Killer Guide’s Unofficial Templar Guide promises to be, and it does not disappoint.
elder scrolls online leveling guideWhat’s Inside?
This guide is decisive and focused in what it talks about. It is all about the insider tips and tricks that will give all players an edge regardless of skill level.

Coverage of Classes and Skills
The Elder Scrolls Online is offering players with a unique leveling experience. This guide unpacks and explains this unique class and character advancement. This is great for both newbies and veterans alike. It made me see how I can optimize my templar and style even more. The guide also directed me to the most rewarding quests and zones. It may not cover every small details in the game, but it has plenty of information on how to level up at the fastest rate possible including builds, rewarding mobs, recommended dungeons, quests and so on.

Coverage of Crafting and Equipment
Unlike many games where equipment and crafting has only minor usefulness compared to gear won by bosses, crafting in ESO is extremely important. A high level crafter with the right materials in ESO can make gear comparable or superior to anything dropped by a boss. The guide blends leveling with crafting. It showed me the best crafting combinations for the templar and what needs to be done with crafting at each level stage in the game. It also gave me the best ways to collect materials and find those rare ingredients that gave me the ability to make the best items. It benefited me at all levels of crafting from the time I started picking at iron ore to the time I was forging Daedric equipment.

Every class in ESO, regardless if you are a frontline tank or squishy sorcerer, can take advantage of all of the weapons and armor in the game. Want to be a battle templar in heavy armor with a sword instead of staff? Go for it! This guide fully explores this interesting gear dynamic. It provided me with useful tips on the right gear combination to outfit the templar as I wanted it. Every classical idea of an MMO class and gear system may be turned on its head in ESO, but that doesn’t mean players have to be confused. Killer Guides is here for you so that you can outfit how you want to play your templar in the best way possible.

Coverage of PvP and Endgame Content
PvP is a big part of ESO. The first steps into PvP can be an intimidating experience for any player. The battles in ESO will be bigger than any other fantasy RPG on the market today, and there is plenty of information new and experienced players will need. This templar guide devotes plenty of pages to endgame content, PvP strategy and having the right gear to bring your guild and faction victory over the throne of Tamriel.

Coverage of Gold and Money Making Strategies
Money is as important in ESO as any other game of its kind. While no strategy is magical, this guide gives the very best gold making tips that helped me least get all the gold I needed without endless hours of grinding.

How Does the Guide Look?
First of all, this handbook from KillerGuides is electronic only. This presents numerous advantages and one slight disadvantage. Among the advantages are the ease of navigation and the ability to print small sections for review, rather than having to page through a five pound encyclopedia like most official printed guides. One disadvantage, especially for those like me who do not have a second screen, was that it will be hard to keep the guide and game open at the same time However, this should’t be a problem for those with a decent tablet. It is written by someone who obviously speaks English as their primary language and easy to navigate. I was able to easily scan the content to find what I was looking for.

A Note About Unofficial Guides
Before you are scared away by the word “unofficial” in the title, consider this. This guide’s very strengths come from that word unofficial. This is real gamer to gamer information being delivered, not the stiff filtered stuff found in official guides. Those official guides gave me great information, but they didn’t give me the real gems of knowledge I need. Only a set of honest and used strategies from real gamers can do that. To get those strategies for yourself, I would recommend getting the guide.

4 Responses to “Killer Guides’ ESO Templar Guide. My Fav Guide So Far”

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    Perceptor Says:

    I decided to give this guide a try after reading this review. In any Elder Scrolls game, I have a difficult time choosing the right race for my specific build or class. The many different perks and benefits of each race are broken down in detail, and the guide gives suggestions on which to choose for Templar. I probably won’t follow everything in it, because I like to customize my play a little. But, whether you’re going to be a spell user, healer, or fighter Templar, it gives you plenty of tips that are worthwhile.

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    FreeSister Says:

    Hybrid tank and heal build? Yes please.

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    Sun Master Says:

    Thanks for the comment and your trust in my review! :)

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    Sun Master Says:

    Thanks for the comment! :) I like being a little self sufficient too, especially with so many DPS being super nukes. Even if the healer is epic, being able to help when someone does something stupid is always appreciated.