Recommended Build for the Templar Class

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The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online excels at healing. Thus, most Templar builds will have an emphasis on support and requires selecting one of three races that have high affinity for support spells. These three spellcasting races include the Altmer, the Breton, and the Dunmer. The Altmer specialize in both offense and support, allowing the player to have a more balanced approach in their gameplay. In other words, it is arguably the most balanced of the three races.

Players should use their attribute points to increase their magicka stat. A magicka-focused approach maximizes the player’s DPS, decreases cool down periods, and helps the player survive resulting in level faster. Furthermore, most builds benefit from using light armor. Light armor increases magicka regeneration, makes it more likely to execute a critical heal, and reduces the cost for using spells.

Newer players might want to try the Restoration Staff. This weapon offers passives–like bonus healing–that are highly compatible with the Templar class. In other words, regardless of which weapon players decide to play with, they must make sure their weapon is compatible with the Templar’s abilities. Furthermore, there are many weapons that are compatible with the Templar; that is, each allows a different playstyle and helps counter specific enemies.

There are three skill trees for the Templar: (a) Restoring Light; (b) Dawn’s Wrath; and (c) Aedric Spear.

Restoring Light benefits from all passive abilities. Recommended actives include Rushed Ceremony, an instant heal, and Healing Ritual, an AoE heal that heals the user for 30 percent health. Rite of Passage is not worth pursuing because it locks the player in place and decreases their survivability.

Dawn’s Wrath has an emphasis on ranged offensive abilities and, like Restoring Light, benefits from all passives, too. Recommended actives include Sun Fire, Solar Flare, and Nova. Solar Flare has high synergy with other spells because it increases damage output for the next spell used (except Solar Flare). Nova deals significant damage, stuns groups of enemies, and reduces their damage output by 40 percent.

Aedric Spear allows Templar users to deal consistent damage while maintaining high mobility. Players should only put points into passive abilities if they have extra points. Some noteworthy passives include Piercing Spear and Spear Wall. Respectively, these passives increase damage output and damage mitigation while blocking. Recommended actives include Puncturing Strikes, Piercing Javelin, and Sweeping Strikes. The first two increases the player’s offensive capabilities while the Sweeping Strikes is inexpensive, but unfortunately worse than Nova when it comes to AoE damage.

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